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do you love to retail?

January 27th, 2007 at 06:16 am

The new job doesn't start for two weeks...but how my pockets are burning to spend the money not even yet earned!!!! Already, I'm easing up on the grocery budget and creating all sorts of loopholes in my 2 -year budget plan, even before committing to it here. You know how that is....

For years, being a bit of a workaholic and living the pace and edgy lifesytle of a single woman in greater Boston, I used Retail Therapy as the total perfect escape from frenetic days and dreadful commutes. We're flooded with high end shops (and their spill over to excellent consignment shops, maybe even worse!,)and constant temptation and friends who share the disease in one form or another. Not to mention, that's my mother's particular addiction and how the girls in my family were raised----all before the retail culture was fed through the current credit card madness.

But this past period of unemployment brought into focus just how compulsive and sloppy the shopping had become. And really really hollow: clothes and stuff just go in and out of my closets, little attachment to any of it. On my last trip to my parent's house for Christmas, I really took note of their "stuff"-----most of it, like their bedroom set, living room furniture and china, I had grown up with ---they had attachment to their stuff for four and five decades! I have very few things (even if "nice") that have much meaning or intrinsic value to me. I'm not suggesting that things be so meaningful, only that we must have some things. And what is their value beyond the dollar sign?

Sorry, getting too philosophical. BUt all of this has started me looking more at old things, antiques, my old practice of saving money and researching things that have "value". But, still working on all that..and it hasn't detered me from planning the Big Trip to the Goodwill store next week...stay tuned...

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